Fang Ren Zhi Xin Bu Ke Wu, Hai Ren Zhi Xin Bu Ke You


It means “To be cautious of other people is a must, to be wicked to other people is a must not”.

Raised in a family with strong chinese values, I often hear these kinds of sayings since I was a little kid.

The first part of the sentence basically means that we cannot trust other people 100%, even if they are as close as old friends, relatives, siblings, or spouse.
Remember that, most crimes and frauds are committed by one of the victim’s closests.

The second part of the sentence is more important. Never ever harm other people. In my line of business:

It means to always protect intellectual property rights (source code, that is).

It means to never harm the client’s data (like executing DROP DATABASE) even if, for example, I hate the client so much for punching me in the face.

It means to deliver the task on the deadline specified even if I am to bust my ass to achieve it; because I know if I don’t, not only I will lose my business but my client may lose his business also!

Anyway, let’s all “Fang Ren Zhi Xin Bu Ke Wu, Hai Ren Zhi Xin Bu Ke You”, and the world will be a better place 🙂