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Ikin WirawanJanuary 7, 2009

In this first blogpost of this year, again I want to raise the subject HR.
Success in our company is not only measured in revenue or profit growth, but also measured in how successful we are in HR.
We cant deny there are many failures in our HR, but here is one successful story.

YA is a great programmer with five years of experience, and he joined us three months ago.
Several weeks ago he told me that he was offered a job by a company in Jakarta for 2.5 times the current salary we give him.
But he declined the offer. One reason is that his family is in Bandung; but he cited other reasons:

  • He says that our company leader is the first boss whom he met who is open and positive, and always try to give the employees opportunities to grow
  • He says that he is pleasantly surprised and happy to know that we let him do parttime work outside the office
  • He feels there is a family-like bond among the employees in our company
  • He has a family, and he very much appreciates our flexible-hour policy and our trust towards him to sometimes work remotely
  • He feels that our company has a lot of more room to grow, and he wants to be part of it
  • He thank us as without asking, our company raised his salary after only two months of working

We hope to hear many more stories like this 🙂

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