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Ikin WirawanApril 17, 2013

Ruby on Rails has long been one of the most popular application frameworks for quickly deploying effective web-applications with a high degree of reliability. It is extremely modular, relatively painless to get up-and-running, easy for a beginner to learn, and powerful for a master programmer to use. As the name implies, it is based off of the Ruby programming language, arguably one of the most elegant, clean, and flexible of all the general-purpose languages. When it shipped with Mac OS v10.5 in October 2007 it gained a large boost, especially with Mac developers. However, its compatibility and effectiveness extend to the Linux and Windows operating systems as well. It was designed with rapid deployment and effective results in mind.

Long ago, it competed with J2EE as a web application backend system and was thought to be the more streamlined and simple of the two. Today, it shares a market primarily with CakePHP and Node .js as leading server-side framework technologies. The Rails community is still very strong. In a 2012 survey of Ruby on Rails developers, 25% noted that they have become Rails developers within the last two years. The community in general reported that 96% percent had a positive impression of the ease of Ruby on Rails deployment (66% content, 30% happy). 67%  of respondents reported that they found Rails easier than other web frameworks. 38% of Rails developers prefer to have the OS preinstalled, and then take care of all of the installation and deployment themselves. Still, the Ruby community is also willing to embrace forward-looking technologies as 29% prefer to have their Ruby on Rails deployment entirely in a cloud environment. As such, Ruby on Rails is available on a variety of hosting services, such as Heroku.

Ruby on Rails is just one of the many technologie s that a trusted programming partner should know in order to serve your web development needs. WGS is an experienced and dedicated provider of Ruby on Rails software solutions. In fact, we are participating in RailsConf 2013 in Portland, OR, between April 29 – May 2, the largest gathering of Ruby on Rails developers in the world.

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