Indonesia: the new outsourcing frontier for 2014


outsourcing indonesia

Is Indonesia: the new outsourcing frontier for 2014? When choosing a country to outsource your technology, there are important factors to consider. You want to consider political relationships, accomplishments, and economic growth. You want a country that you can consider a partner in you outsourcing of technology.

Indonesia’s foreign relations are based on economic and political cooperation with Western nations. Why is this important? If you outsource to a nation that is based on cooperation, then political events are less likely to interrupt service. With a nation that cooperates, the political events are also less likely to cause the government to become more involved with your business.

In 2010 through today the Indonesian government has allocated money for research and development. This has resulted in Indonesia being known for some technological developments in: agriculture, sailing, architecture, construction, aerospace, transportation, robotic, and information and communication. So, Indonesia has the proven ability to understand and excel in technology in various areas. That is important for outsourcing. You want a country that is not focused on one area of technology, but can understand technology from multiple viewpoints.

The Jakarta Post states “One of the biggest winners of globalization is Indonesia. Its export of telecom and audio-visual devices have increased fifty percent in just five years, which is equal to China’s astronomic growth.” If you are going to outsource technology, you want to outsource to a country that is growing in the use of technology. Clearly Indonesia is one such country.

We challenge you to research more about Indonesia and know you will come to the conclusion that this country is a viable option for technology outsourcing? Interested in knowing more? Just contact us, we would like to talk.