[UT] A fun job well done


It is 11pm on a Thursday night. Six people were still toiling away in front of their computers. Agus, the tech leader, was busy making sure deployment is right, and coordinating the whole team. Andri developed front-end pages, which mean new content types that can be accessed by the public. Padrin, the wizard boy, integrated HTML/CSS and Javascripts provided by our two Web Designers, Vebby and Ilham. Both Web Designers also were busy making sure pages are correctly responsive for mobile device viewing. Finally Winson, the project coordinator, tested everything and documented the results for tomorrow demo.

WGS Team

Six weeks prior, WGS accepted a seemingly a huge task: to redesign the United Tractors (UT) website, with a hard deadline of 13th of October to launch to commemorate UT anniversary. UT is top-five biggest Indonesian company by revenue. This seems a big task for the client, because the previous digital agency took a year(!) to complete the current website. This bad experience puts up a tall barrier for trusting another agency. This is what the website looked like previously:

Website Lama UT

But WGS is not another digital agency. We are a highly competent engineering company with design capabilities. But this is not as simple as it sounds. There are numerous pages with different animation and styles. UT demands that the backend is easy to use, and all contents to be editable. The most challenging part is product management, where the sliders show animated products. (See the amazing final results here)

Back to the night-time heroic endeavor. The website is slated to launch on 13th of October, coinciding with United Tractor’s anniversary. But tonight is not the day before or even the week before, it is still 4th of September. WGS team works feverishly to meet mid-term milestone!

Fast forward to today, 13th October 2014, which is the 42nd anniversary of United Tractors. The website www.unitedtractors.com is launched perfectly. I’d like to attribute the success not only to the WGS team, but also to the UT team that also worked so hard providing the contents. In the end, the IT managers that choose to trust WGS in this project are relieved they don’t hire wrong. I hope “Nobody gets fired for hiring WGS” is the new adage.

Surely getting the deserved compliments from their BOD, Randi, IT division, in turn gives us a compliment (adjusted slightly & translated to English), “What was a mission impossible timeline becomes possible. For the service professionally delivered, I give a two thumbs up.”

As a happy-ending as this might be, this is not the end, and yet the beginning of a deeper, long-term relationship between UT and WGS.