Water Management System Indonesia


Back in May, Pak Aria got an interesting email from a governmental institute called BPPSPAM (Badan Pendukung Pengembangan Sistem Penyediaan Air Minum) – a body to support system development for provisioning of drinking water. In the content of the email, it was searching for an appropriate software engineering company to build and implement an application to help them manage their business processes.

Convinced of our capabilities and experience, WGS got the deal. The project journey thus began with a wonderful close-knit team.

The WGS team

The application is called Sistem Informasi Manajemen Terpadu (Integrated Management Information System). The system, which consists of eight module (HR Management, Distribution, Customer Service, Billing System, Production, Public Procurement, Accounting, and Warehousing) must be integrated among each other perfectly. The purpose of this application was to help small PDAM (Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum, aka Regional Drinking Water Company) in Indonesia for their operations; therefore, the small PDAM that was “sick” hopefully could become “healthy”. “Sick” in this term means data lacking, data losing and so on. Since all transactions had been done manually so far, therefore the company wished that in the next year (2015), this application could be implemented to reduce operational expenses and wastes.

In fact, this application has two version. The first is the web application on top of a LAMP stack, used to show the technical core of ERP data. The second is the smart phone (Android) application, used by the registrars when they record the customer bills.

The functionalities include:

  • * It provides printout documents given to the PDAM customers, because this application uses ERP concept where each flow integrates each other.
  • * It has dynamic master data and setting, so that it can be customized and implemented directly to all PDAM branches without any problem.
  • * It has an automated accounting system for a general transaction such as monthly invoice, ledger, and many more.
  • * It becomes the integrated server with Android meter recording application, so that it can be done manually or through automatic synchronization.
  • * It has flexible recording and can be fitted to all PDAM.
  • * It has role and user management to ease admins arranging the menu for either each role or user.
  • * The tariff can be customized to each PDAM and activated automatically based on the date that is determined if there is tariff’s modification.

Flowchart Inggris

After 5 months, the application is completed successfully. It proves that WGS is capable of handling big scale application.

The Project Coordinator, Kelvin, demoed the application to the managers of PDAM branches. Kelvin had the chance to travel to several big cities in Indonesia such as Yogyakarta, Makassar, Medan, and Surabaya. He doesn’t forget to enjoy the cities though 🙂

Kelvin 1 Edited

Kelvin 2 Edited