AnnouncementsSalihara runs on WGS eCommerce solution

Ikin WirawanMay 18, 2015

Komunitas Salihara is a cultural enclave active since August 8, 2008 and the first private multidisciplinary arts center in Indonesia. In one year, Komunitas Salihara presents about 100 events of dance and theater performances, music concerts, literary readings and discussions, art exhibitions, films, and dance, literature and music workshops.

They came to WGS to revamp their website and also launch an eCommerce site. This was what their website looked like previously:

Salihara Old Website

Now, their new website looks fabulous, complete with multilingual capabilities and responsive to view on smaller screens:


Salihara new ecommerce site runs on WGS eCommerce engine, and features:

  1. Integration with BCA payment gateway (credit card, Klikpay).
  2. Student and general ticket prices
  3. Paid membership
  4. Donation

Kudos to both WGS and Salihara team to pull off this beautiful deliverables 🙂


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