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Ratri AdityaraniFebruary 13, 2017


Technological developments in Indonesia is now so rapid that almost all business lines require accelerated technology in order to compete and thrive in the new world. Therefore, PT. Walden Global Services (WGS), as one of the largest Indonesian companies engaged in the IT & software is trying to always participate in the development of technology in the country.

One of the steps taken by PT. WGS is to launch a new sister company to serve businesses, that is WGS Hub. WGS Hub is conceptualized as the proper physical retail location, where customers can come, ask questions, learn, and buy products and services directly like other retail space.

The presence of WGS Hub will be home for businesses to answer all the problems in the IT field. To answer these issues, WGS Hub will present a comprehensive services, such as:


Ikin Wirawan, as the Chairman and Founder of PT. WGS stated, “WGS Hub is the 1st proper software house. Maybe not just in Indonesia, but even in the world this concept is new. When people want to cut their hair, they will come to a hair salon; so now people who want to have IT solution will come to WGS Hub.”

In addition, as a part of WGS Hub there is GeeksFarm; a place to learn certified programming by three major programs:

  1. Programming School

    GeeksFarm was a reliable institution where we train and distribute tech talents for companies. As part of our CSR the training are also available for free; only for people aged 18 years and over who can’t afford to continue his studies. After the course completion, GeeksFarm will distribute the apps developers to various companies.

  2. GeeksFarm for Kids

    On Saturday there will be more entertaining class program, with creative programming training for children aged 8-15 years

  3. Startup School

    GeeksFarm also provide school a 2-months duration start-up school, with materials such as technology companies management, digital marketing, valuation potential, etc.


The first WGS Hub will take place in the Cinema Building of The Breeze Mall area, BSD City Jl. Grand Boulevard, South Tangerang. As a place that is located in the south of the capital Jakarta, strategic location and accessibility makes WGS Hub can be accessed by the business community from both the areas of South Tangerang and Jakarta.

The presence of WGS Hub and GeeksFarm at The Breeze BSD City is a form of support from Sinar Mas Land, in the effort to advancing the education and development of IT industry in Indonesia, as well as to make their commitment to create BSD City as an integrated smart digital city.

For the future, WGS Hub is planned to be present also in various major cities in Indonesia, such as Surabaya, Semarang, Medan and many more. “We are planning to replicate WGS Hub in many locations both in Indonesia and abroad, so that not only we can accelerate IT maturity of Small Medium Bussiness throughout Indonesia, but also we can create jobs and we could export the capabilities of Indonesian IT to other countries,” Ikin remarked.

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