Delegating work


I’m too busy. My biggest client has taken too much time out of me, and thus I have less and less time and energy to expand this RoR outsourcing business.

I used to do all the stuffs, from recruiting, training, project-managing, to refactoring code.

See, the problem is that there are several potential clients wanting engineers. With me being too busy,  I’m just so worried we cant give the quality and productivity we strive for, because engineers will not have enough training, project-managing, and refactoring (QA).

We are polishing our company everyday. We built our ‘How-to-Manage-for-Productivity’ doc, proper training procedure, and Ruby on Rails best practices and quality standard document. And, I’ve distributed the roles of training, QAing, etc to people in my company, and thus I’m hoping we can accept new clients in a faster rate!