Built to Last


Everytime I read books / magazines, I am inspired and motivated. I think that’s what books for anyway. I should’ve written a blog for each book I read, but that wouldnt be appropriate to write in this Ruby on Rails outsourcing blog. I have a personal blog but most posts are written in Indonesian.

But I feel compelled to write what I got by reading the book I just bought: Built to Last (I know, it’s a 1990s book, I’m so late huh!)

Basically it says that every great companies have core ideologies and visions, which got me into thinking, what is Kiranatama’s core ideologies? Why does it exist in the first place? Why do we work? Every great company sets ambitious goals, what’s ours?

There must be reasons beyond money and profits…

So here you go. After days of soul searching, here is our Core Values, with ascending importance:
* Honesty and Integrity
* Strong desire to always learn
* Passion to educate and improve the employees, the customers, and the community

The third one is the most important, and that is also our core purpose of existence. We work because we want to improve the lives of other people. Employees receive bigger and bigger salary and nicer facilities; Clients see their businesses grow; that’s what we want.

I have not even told the employees about these ideologies and purposes (of course I will soon). From now on only those share the same values will be hired. And those who do not will be ejected like a virus!

I will also write this in the ‘Company’ section of our website. But I’m gonna wait as we’re redesigning the pages of Kiranatama.com. Next week the new designs should be up.