I’m getting busier in both my professional and personal life; this is personal info but… I’m getting married at the end of the year!

Luckily, as the business has been running for more than two years now, we have more cash to hire great people; More importantly however, we have grown great people from within.

And thus we’re assigning managerial positions to these people. People who are not only good with programming, but has self initiatives and whose English communication skill is good

And we also have a resource development manager who takes care of developing newly hired engineeers.

I’m very excited. Looks like we can grow to more than thirty engineers by mid next year!

We’re planning to hire 24 engineers next year actually, in three batches of eight in January, May, and September. We’re gonna hire that many people because there must be employee turnarounds, and we’re also planning to create specialized teams like Facebook apps teams, Drupal and WordPress teams, etc.