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Ikin WirawanSeptember 2, 2015

In today’s increasingly digital world, businesses have come to realize that they need to ride the technology and internet wave to stay relevant. Many tech / online companies are newly launched, or newly funded, making the tech talent market really hot.

You could hear stories such as, an arm of one of Indonesia’s largest conglomerates, which dares to double or triple the offering salary to hijack significant number of engineers and executives from other companies.

Thus to support the tech industry, WGS partners with JAC. WGS, a software outsourcing firm, can now offer recruitment services, shall the client also wants permanent employees instead of fully outsourced tech team. With its significant database of Bandung engineers, WGS is well positioned to help JAC fulfill recruitment requests.

JAC, a recruitment firm, can now also offer IT outsourcing services, complementing their existing payroll and other outsourcing services. Something that is increasingly needed by their hundreds of customers across Indonesia.


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