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Ikin WirawanDecember 6, 2012

The recap from the second day of the biggest online exhibition/seminar in Indonesia. The #InternetShowIndo took place in 5 – 6 December 2012, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia.


Daniel Sieberg, author of The Digital Diet, starts the day with “Smart Content, Smart Consumption”. Sieberg’s presentation consisted of how-tos and casual case studies, in which he categorized into points below:

–              Create groups

–              Share details

–              Keep conversation moving

–              Be selective

–              Share intimately or not at all

–              Streamlined and organized

Sieberg closed his presentation with words of wisdom, “”Anyone can smell the BS online. Be genuine. Stick to your brand” .



Arkav Juliandri shares XL Digital Service business



Roger Yuen, CEO from Clozette Co. presented the topic “Harnessing the Rise of Social Commerce in Asia”.

The mainline of his presentation affirmed in his statement “You should listen to your customer before you embark on any commerce strategies”. He also stated that social commerce emulates real life; there is no magic (in social commerce).

Yuen provided the audience with a graphic of marketing mix. Widely known as the 4Ps, Yuen’s graphic showed 5Ps; product, price, place, promotion, and people. By people, he actually means the 4 Cs of Social Commerce (Context, Conversations, Content, and Community).

Yuen also reminded the audience that most of the time we get so engrossed with term ‘online’, we forget that we are people and need to have a 360 view even offline. He stressed his statement with the 360 engagement graphic below:


Ben Soebiakto, CEO of Fimela Shop, shares promoted editorial content experience to gain and enhance customer engagement.


Adi Satria of Accor shared interesting experience in growing the brand presence with social media. Mr.Satria and Accor utilize social media by studying its behavior and its users’ characteristics; therefore they maintain the interaction manually.

Accor is a company that provides social media management service to hotels, with approximately 200 clients in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.



Georgina Barnett of the Surfer Girl shared the success story behind the notorious summer apparel, and highlighted a strong punchline: “Social media is more about sociology and psychology, not just technology”.


Enrique Baizas of Nestle Philippines presented a case study on how to convert the likers into buyers. He stated that social media platform like Facebook is a great way to convince customer of your brand’s online existence. Once you had their attention, redirection will be easier.

A Nestle survey showed that contents that interact/involving the audience/customers received better response and provide better results. Therefore, brands should start focusing in the creation of engaging and high quality contents instead of a big budget spending on one way advertisements.

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