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Ikin WirawanApril 24, 2013


We are participating in the 2013 Railsconf in Portland.

Visit this link regularly from April 29 to May 2, 2013 to check the live updates from the conference ground. 




The RailsConf will be held on April 29th to May 2nd 2013, but WGS representatives left early from Indonesia. Eric Rusli (CMO) and William Notowidagdo (CTO) departed to Portland on the April 26th (Indonesia time) to meet the US partner of WGS and to do a quick detour to Cupertino and Mountain View.

As the adage “a picture is woth a thousand words” goes, enjoy the photo-journal from our CMO, Eric Rusli, and join us in our trip to the #RailsConf 2013.


=====  DAY #1  =====

The conference’s starting.

In the exhibition room, there are few of our fellow exhibitors doing their best to attract people to their booth. But here’s the catch: they’re all somewhat drawn to ours. And the reason for that situation is: our magic and useful bag.

This shows that we don’t compete with the others in a traditional manner, we simply offer and facilitate more 🙂

Well, that, AND did you notice the “hidden gem” banner at the background? Many of the audience and participants asked William, Eric and Keith about it and want to know more about Indonesia’s potential. After proper explanations was given, portfolios seen and code lines checked, the message sure went home with them that day.


=====  DAY #2  =====  

More and more people coming to our booth and asked about the hidden gem that we are. So we explained to them that Indonesia will become the hottest creative hub in South East Asia, judging from the technical awareness and progress, and the continuous growth of the people and educational centers.

A group of people from Day #1 revisited us and asked more information about Indonesia, apart from Bali and Java island 😀 One of them is a happy Indonesian Rubyist who’s been working in the US for 3 years.

More importantly, few of them came highly interested in doing projects with -and in- Indonesia. This made us came to realization that we are the first Indonesian company to participate in the event, and we’re here not just as the representatives of the company, but of the proud nation as well.

One of the most interesting fact we learn here is, there are quite a few of the participants are non-developers. Specific technology topic aside, RailsConf is a good place to get to know people that created a massive movement throughout the globe. It’s a perfect chance to have better reference of tech-structure options and advantages, as well as getting along with the good people who work around it.

It was a great experience. Hoping to meet most of the people there again some other time, some other place, or the same event next year. Cheers!

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