WGS Participating in RailsConf Portland 2013


RailsConf is the world’s largest gathering of Ruby on RoR (RoR) developers and enthusiasts. Its aim is to bring together world-class RoR talent and top companies together to invigorate the platform and to create new connections in the community. In doing so it allows RoR developers to bridge gaps with each other across the globe. Even with all of the online resources available for forming new partnerships between vendors and clients, often old-fashioned networking can be the best way to form relationships that even span oceans.

RailsConf 2013 takes place from April 29 – May 2 in Portland, OR – the heart of the “Silicon Forest.” Among the exhibitors will be WGS, from Bandung, Indonesia. WGS  is sending its CMO, Eric Rusli, and CTO, William Notowidagdo. Joining them will be American partner and client, Keith Hardwicke. With a count of 120 experienced RoR developers, WGS has proven itself by completing over a hundred projects for clients located in over seventeen countries. These clients range from internet startups all the way to government institutions.

WGS is not only a leader in providing RoR solutions to world-wide clientele, it has also been a leading advocate of the platform in its home country. It has fostered awareness of RoR in Indonesian development communities and markets, and in fact it is the leading source of RoR development for local clients. Its RoR reputation is so strong that Indonesian clients that are not working directly with the company for RoR projects tend to contract former WGS employees as freelancers or hire former WGS employees directly. WGS is be coming the main choice for RoR development in Indonesia and is active in trying to make the platform the leading choice for web frameworks for Indonesian enterprise.

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