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Ikin WirawanJune 14, 2013

The second ID Btye, Indonesia’s largest digital event, just recently ended the 3-days set of ambitious and grand-scale theme of “Building the Next World Class Company.” That goal perfectly reflects the level of ideas and hard-work of companies that are present at the event. There is no shortage of innovation and collaboration from across the globe at this year’s event and WGS is proud to be participating.

ID Byte is a place for networking, innovation, and for forwarding the cause of high tech development in Indonesia and around the globe. It is fortunate to have conference speakers such as Dave McClure of 500 Startups, Dan Neary of Facebook, Sandiaga Uno of Indonesia Setara, and Mark Kischner of Rakuten Worldwide. 500 Startups is at the event as part of its tour called “Geeks on a Plane” that visits multiple countries looking to help burgeoning tech markets all over the world. Also, certain startups will have a chance to win, among some high-profile mentoring sessions and honors, a $50,000 US investment from 500 startups and a $10,000 US credit for the Amazon Web Service (AWS) platform.

WGS, with its expertise in AWS services, attended the Amazon’s booth as ambassadors to the platform. AWS is an excellent way for a startup or any other company for that matter to leverage inexpensive, remote services for all forms of technical needs. Both companies that are starting out and companies that are expanding their technical operations need room to experiment with hardware and services.

Before the advent of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), a business had to go through a long period of research and procurement planning before building a network or technical solution. While research and planning are still necessary, a business can take risks because the cost of employing cloud services is far lower than that of on-premise hardware. This, of course, is only one advantage to using AWS. WGS will be on hand to offer its deep knowledge and skill in the platform and answer any questions a technical partner might have.

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