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Ikin WirawanJuly 5, 2013

If you’ve got what you think is a winning business model in the works, then you know that you’re going to need information technology. It’s literally impossible to be successful without a strong technical presence in today’s competitive market. The question is: should you choose an in-house solution or managed IT services?

Here are some key benefits you will realize with the selection of managed IT services.

1. Better IT budgeting. Managed IT services are a fixed (typically monthly) fee. You can incorporate that cost into your budget and know exactly what you’ll be paying for. On the other hand, if you opt for an in-house IT solution, and something goes wrong, then you’ll have an additional and unforeseen expense. Further, it’s likely that expense will be a capital expense (for example, if a server crashes) rather than an operational one.

2. Better reporting. You’ll find that virtually all managed services providers (or MSPs) will provide you with excellent reporting about network activity, user activity, and throughput. This is essential to getting an insight as to how effectively your money is being spent on your IT solution. Reports will be performed as a mandatory element, and will be delivered without any additional office politics or be dependent as any particular employee’s duty.

3. Proactive maintenance. Most MSPs not only provide support for your IT solution on an around-the-clock basis, but they also perform preventative, proactive maintenance on the equipment used to support your IT services. MSPs are run by people who specialize in the latest and greatest technology, and who keep up with what is required in terms of operating system updates and software patches. This type of proactive maintenance model prevents significant application downtime as problems are resolved before they even occur.

4. Personnel Priorities. MSPs are empowered certified, trained and experienced personnel for your specific needs. Training your in-house personnel will cost you more precious time and budget that you can assign for better tasks.

5. New Technology. Trustworthy and licensed MSPs have better access to new technology and supports. If your business requires cutting-edge technology implementation, MSPs can deliver them faster, continuous and worry-free. No more time wasted on endless research and long decision-making meetings on technological options.

6. Leveling the Field. As a follow-up from previous point, you can elevate your business by combining great ideas and great technology. MSPs are the shortcut that you should take to play with the big fish; it will jumpstart your company towards the better.

7. Administrative Security. Reliable and acknowledged MSPs will ensure you that licensing, security within the system and international working standard will not be an issue.


If you’re interested in learning more about managed IT services, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help.

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