Election API hackathon: API built by WGS


hackaton pemilu api

This last weekend (March 8-9, 2014), developers came together at the Election API hackathon in Jakarta, Indonesia to hack the Election API built by WGS, Indonesia’s premier software and IT company. Developers and programmers were encouraged to hack the API to build a variety of applications that ensure democracy in Indonesia’s election process.

WGS developed the original Election API for the hackathon and its host Perludem, a non-profit agency working for democratic elections in Indonesia.

Perludem states on their website that the Election API, developed by WGS, “will make important information about the election obtained for free, easily accessible, and can be used by application developers.”

According to the website pemiluapi.org:

Developers will be able to use these APIs to build applications that can do the following things:

1. Helping people to ensure that they are registered voters
2. Tell friends if you have selected
3. Creating animations. Gif about a topic and pass
4. Reminds when political events that want to attend
5. Playing a video made in support of certain candidates
6. Running automated programs (bots) on Twitter twit who will download each candidate covered by the media
7. Shows like what it sounds sheet
8. Gives quiz and then download your scores twit
9. Helping reporting if found fraud or intimidation

This API allows hands-on access to the election process, involving both tech and youth in Indonesia’s elections.

This is just a single example of the software and internet technology services available and put into practice at WGS, Indonesia’s software and IT specialists. Proven to surpass the expectations of US-based tech companies, WGS clients both in Indonesia and worldwide are using WGS built software to change the way we interact with our world.

The Election API Hackathon is one example of a WGS built application leading the industry, and even leading Indonesia, into the future.

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