April updates


iStock_000016599723SmallIn April, things are becoming more interesting at WGS.
Stuart Patton, previously Director of M-Stars, joined our company as Commissioner and will lead our business development.
Meanwhile, now we have a sales presence in Jakarta.
We station our Chief Sales Officer, and the Deputy Director of Sales there.

We have also started incubating and launched several startup subsidiaries:
1) KiranaTama: to focus on providing top-grade programmer outsourcing to overseas tech startup companies.
2) Avelca: with its software generator, it will tackle the needs of information systems by the SMB market in Indonesia.
3) Upliftlab: with a partner in the US with years of experience in Big Data, to provide Big Data consulting and Tableau experience
4) IoT: provides a platform for Internet of Things for monitoring and control. Will start developing industry-specific solutions.

There are several other startups in the works that I will tell you in time.
In effect, these subsidiaries not only enrich the diversity of expertise that WGS has but also increase business value.
WGS itself will focus on providing American-grade software engineering to enterprises.

Btw, we are proud that our Pemilu API gains millions of hits!