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Ikin WirawanMarch 18, 2015

We are happy to announce that now WGS is officially a strategic partner of Temploy. Temploy is an award-winning startup from Singapore run by a profilic execution-focused entrepreneur Mark Koh. Read the TechInAsia press release here.

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Temploy matches up temporary workers to employers while aligning both parties’ expectations. Not only it helps businesses in shortage of manpower (specifically in the F&B and retail industry), but also Temploy can help the underemployed to fare better.

Have you heard that blue-collar employees in Indonesia not only have low productivity, but they also steal? This happens across industries from manufacturing to F&B and retail. Businessmen in Indonesia very quickly brush this aside as due to ‘Indonesian culture’. In my opinion, this is in large part because they are paid too low! The good thing about Temploy, employees can set their pay expectation. Something that they are comfortable with, and remove them from the thoughts of stealing.

Here’s another story. As customers, we want to be treated as kings. We walk into a restaurant, and if we don’t like something we scold the waiter  – the low-paid waiter who has no control of the food served, the wait-time of cooking, the broken credit card machine, or the misguided promotion. These waiters sometime work 12-hour shifts, walking an accumulated kilometers of steps each day in a restaurant. And they have no social mobility. Not like us the professionals who use LinkedIn and who have headhunters all over our heads. I hope Temploy will become a force of change, giving these blue-collar workers ability to move up the social ladder.

In the business side, WGS believes Temploy valuation will grow quickly along with its user base. Mark Koh is a true hustler, working 116 various part-time jobs just to learn how it’s like to become a parttimer. Together, we will also work to rapidly expand WGS Enterprise customer base in Singapore in the coming few years.

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