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Ratri AdityaraniAugust 1, 2016

Shopping through e-commerce has its own perks for people who lives with technology. One advantage is in this fast-paced digital era, e-commerce sites offer the convenience and practicality, so customers do not have to waste time and effort to get the goods as they wish (and need). With the gadget in hand, anyone can freely choose the items he wants, pay at the application, and get the product delivered right to his door in a short time.

Shopping flexibility is certainly not going to be optimal without a good supporting facilities. A good e-commerce website or app will cater to customer’s satisfaction, which is reflected in the convenience User Interface and User Experience design for the users.

A responsive website is one of the main requirements to run an e-commerce. Nowadays anyone can surf through many devices, such as a PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone with various screen sizes and operating systems. What the user expected is to comfortably use their gadget to access your e-commerce, and then they will spend some of their time to browse through your products, put them in the shopping cart, and end up spending their money on them.

Our client's e-commerce, Oktagon is the example of a responsive website
Our client’s e-commerce, Oktagon is the example of a responsive website

We can see Oktagon website for example. WGS team designed them to look sophisticated, sleek, but also responsive in various devices and screen sizes. We understand that people will need the convenience e-commerce to support their needs. Therefore a good UI and UX – as we discussed last week – is always important.

Performance Is The Key

Therefore, it is also important to consider your e-commerce performance. The website or app should not take too long to load the pictures, the codes, the and overall display. Yes, loading time will affect your online business whether you realize it or not. When someone stumble upon your website, he might think that it looks interesting. But when he tried to open a page and it takes more than 3 seconds up to 7 seconds, he will probably thinking to switch to another website. There you can lose a potential customer. You may have interesting features in your website, interactive designs, but considering the loading time will add a point.

WGS developer team is always aware to this performance speed when it comes to our clients’ e-commerce. We did several testings, inspect the elements and analyze the page to make sure the website is comfortable for user. Therefore we can boost the e-commerce income by having a good performance. If you need to discussed about your e-commerce performance, you can contact us through email or subscribe to our newsletter.

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