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Ratri AdityaraniAugust 15, 2016

Update, 19 May 2020: With current COVID-19 situation, e-commerce has become one of the main ways for people to make a purchase, at WGSHub we have various kinds of ecommerce that could be applied for businesses. Here are some links to read more on various Online Commerces:


The daily innovation in technology has a big impact in the online retail business, in which it makes e-commerce was emerging rapidly in the last decade. Today we can see the growth of e-commerce in Indonesia to compete with other Asian countries such as Singapore, South Korea, and even China.

The massive use of smartphones in Indonesia allows users to perform various trade transactions anywhere, anytime. That is why the retail business should begin to move forward toward online in order to survive. Developing an offline business is good, but the development of technology forces us to move forward.

The survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal said that 100 million consumers in Southeast Asia have made a digital purchase. While 150 million have researched products or engaged with sellers online. This shows the behavior of millennials in South East Asia that has been driven by the growth of mobile app development.


By 2018, Asian retail sales are expected to amount to over US$10 trillion. This is almost twice than in North America. Therefore the marketers see that online sales in the Asia Pacific are expected to reach US$1.3 trillion by 2019.

Some e-commerces in Indonesia are already a big hit. We can see Tokopedia which has around US$250 million valuations. Bukalapak also has the company’s valuation to US$7 million. The success of these two e-commerces has driven local startups to compete and join the bandwagon of the e-commerce business. The spirit is in line with hoping to see the billion-dollar success story like the unicorn startups. This movement set the future of the Indonesian economy, which grow healthier in line with the public’s need for a better living experience.

In Indonesia, we can see the improvement in the public market service. For example, Pasar Komoditi Nasional (Paskomnas). As one of the biggest staple food distributors in the country, it now has one step ahead. They built an e-commerce website for the national commodity market, Paskomnas provide basic staple foods for the greater Jakarta area and some big cities in Indonesia. Soon their service will be available for every city in the country.

“Prediction says that this e-commerce boom will still last for few years ahead.”

While Mumu also launched its app for helping Indonesian shopping for groceries. This app enables its user to shop online and have the groceries delivered right to the consumer’s address. It saves a lot of time and energy to do grocery shopping. Especially for busy workers in big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, or Surabaya.

And we can see much more e-commerce in Indonesia. We are getting along with the growth of local app developers and the young generation’s interest in technology. Prediction says that this e-commerce boom will still last for a few years ahead. Considering the economic growth in Indonesia, we got high hope. We believe that competition in retail industries will be more exciting in the upcoming years. So, are you ready to battle with your e-commerce?

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