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Ratri AdityaraniAugust 22, 2016

The presence of e-commerce sites in Indonesia not only proved that the development of the retail business in the country increased rapidly in the last decade. But it also encourages the young people to work and earn a better income. This is reflected in the many e-commerce initiated by young people. They have creative thinking, persistent effort, and is not afraid to innovate and has great vision.

Millennials as the main consumers contribute most to the growth of e-commerce. Aside from being a buyer, they, too, who have the capital and ideas to create a new business.

It all happened from making startup with a vision based on spending chart in Asia.Some e-commerce have finally succeeded in becoming the favorite shopping place.They are making millions of dollars and have high valuations. For example, we can see Tokopedia, Elevenia, Bukalapak, etc.

No wonder that a lot of e-commerce uses young public figures as a brand ambassador or influencer. Of course, the chosen one was also from millennials representing the voice of consumers.

E-Commerce Icons : Young Millennials

Take a look at Tokopedia, choosing Isyana Saraswati (singer) and Chelsea Islan (actress), as their brand ambassador. Or Elevenia hooked up with Raisa (singer). They were chosen because in addition to be a good model, they also have a lifestyle that could be the dream of every teenager in Indonesia.

Chelsea Islan, Indonesian actress who became icon of Tokopedia, presenting millennials
Chelsea Islan, Indonesian actress who became icon of Tokopedia, presenting millennials

This makes e-commerce become a tool for youngsters to improve their lifestyle. From fashion, sports equipment, to housewares, it’s all easily obtained with the app in the palm of their hands. The revenue flows, growth in retail is rapidly increasing, and the market demands are raising.

If you are one of millennials generation, have creative ideas, and ready to fight in the retail business, then building an e-commerce empire is not an impossible thing. Whether you’re making a startup or enhance your business with a good software, we can sit and discuss your future together.

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