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Ratri AdityaraniAugust 29, 2016

When it comes to retail business, every e-commerce will try to make the best selling. The competition among e-commmerce in this dynamic era is getting intensed. Each business will figure out their marketing strategy. While to grow the businnes bigger becomes everyone’s dream, but to maintain the business to keep alive is challenging.

As we can see from today’s e-commerce businesses, there are several types of business model applied. Every e-commerce can use these methods to boot the sales and create a unique shopping experience for consumers. By applying these business models, they are ready for the competition.


Let us highlight four emerging business model of Smaller eCommerce.

Flash sale industry

This method temporally offers exclusive access to a better price. Usually we can found this model in travel business. Airlines put flash sale for their tickets in limited time, such as AirAsia midnite flash sale. Consumers will get big discount on air fare, and they become loyal members to the app. One of WGS’s clients, Reebonz, is also flashing out sale for their luxury products.

Proprietary Selection

Proprietary selection is a strategy about being narrow and deep for a particular audience. For example, an e-commerce specifically sells underwear like MeUndies. By providing specific product, consumers can easily pick the e-commerce as the solution, instead of wasting his time browsing through different products.

Proprietary Experience (Subscription Store)

This business requires consumers to sign up as their member first. Once they become members, consumers can get the products and conduct the transaction in the e-commerce. They can buy the products or rent it. For example, consumers of RentTheRunway can rent the wardrobe once their membership approved. Another business was

Exclusive Merchandise (Brand Platform only)

This model is conducted by Adidas (US, Custom Product), or Pomelo (Indonesia). The are offering goods which are not available anywhere else. So the customers have to buy directly from the brand.

While there are probably more methods to bost up your e-commerce, these business models can be your option as long as it suits you. See if you can run the idea – and funds – with these models. With a good strategic planning, strong developer team as your squad, then your e-commerce is ready to play in the battlefield.

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