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Ratri AdityaraniSeptember 6, 2016

Having a business is involving many aspects, and one of the most important parts is finance. When we are looking for a specific financial service, we expect it to be trustworthy, applicable in our sectors, and also easy to access. With the rapid development of mobile technology nowadays, getting the right financial service is accessible in our hand – by using the mobile phone.

Imagine how hard it is to get financial service back in the last decades. The world economy is backed up by the business – from small to big enterprises. However, it’s never an easy task to gain capital. Therefore financial services such as credit/capital provider is one of the fastest solutions.


Mobile for Financial Connectivity

Our technology has enabled us to build mobile engagement for every line of business. For financial service,it means to connect service provider with their customers. It works for both party. For service provider, a mobile application with makes them easier to show their services and what they are offering for the community. It will collect a lot of data which they used to do it manually. And it can reach bigger audience, since mobile user is increasing every day.

Customers Get No Hassle

While for the customer’s side, having an easy access to financing service would be a privilege. With mobile phones as the main gadget for almost every occasion, customers can search for creditors easily. They also can submit their data for creditors with no paper hassle. This will increase the monetary turnover in the country.

In Indonesia, a leading financing company named Kredit Plus is taking one step forward in the digital technology. As a leading mobile developer in the country, we are very grateful to have a chance to contribute in mobile engagement in financial industry. Kredit Plus is trusting WGS to build 3 applications in order to enhance their service more accessible for the customers. Meanwhile, they also can grasp bigger audience and data from the app. Hopefully we can launch the apps in the near future. For an emerging countries like Indonesia, the conversion of financial service to digital engagement is still a new thing. But we can predict – with the latest trend on digital technology, that this could be the new era of finance.

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