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Ratri AdityaraniOctober 20, 2016

Technology was created to facilitate any person or entity to do the job. The same thing also works for financial business. The rapid development in financial technology has made it easy for financial companies (banks and and non-banks) to gain market share more widely. The convenience in fintech are not only perceived by the consumer, but also provide benefits for companies, particularly in the areas of operations and customer relations.


As we can see how fintech business is on the rise, many financial institutions are now using digital app to help them optimize the business. Let’s highlight the two advantages from this app for fintech business.

Operational Convenience

Loans granted by the financial institution is certainly risky, so practically the company should be able to pay attention to the principles of a healthy credit. In this case we need a good credit management – starting from planning the amount of credit, interest rate, lending procedures, analysis of lending, to the control and supervision of bad credit. Credit management in Financial institution is an important thing to optimize the performance of the company to maximize profit on their credit sector.

This credit management issue takes a lot of time, money, and resources. Therefore, it requires a good credit management application that can help the financial institution in order to optimize its performance and help automate recurring of tasks, such as:
encapsulate the company’s credit management, from planning the amount of credit
record consumers data who apply for credit.

By doing so, the company’s operations can be carried out with more practical and optimal. Companies can save the resources and time while reaching a broader customer segment.

Customer Relation Convenience

Building relationships with customers is one of the most important things for the financial institution. Consumers need a quick response and detailed explanation of the credit he proposed, therefore Customer Relation becomes a crucial aspect in the credit business. Unfortunately companies generally do not have an adequate Customer Relation resources, so many consumers’ inquiries are not fulfilled.

Sometimes customers are facing difficulty in contacting the Customer Service, which make the credit application process is hampered since their documents are incomplete or lack of consumer knowledge about the company’s products. The presence of a digital application enables companies to provide information about its business as clearly as possible to consumers, so that the relationship between companies and consumers can be maintained properly.

Of course there are still many advantages a digital app can bring for fintech business. But these two points we talked about earlier are the main aspects that every business should take a good care of, considering the rise of digital lifestyle and mobile technology. In spite of time and money management in the society, lending and leasing could be so much easier for both business and customers with proper user experience and technological execution.

If you own a fintech business and interested in digitalizing your loan service, let us know your thoughts through comments below or mail us directly.

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