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Ratri AdityaraniJuly 11, 2016

We are now living in a convenient world. We can get, control, and use nearly everything to simplify our lives. The development of sustainable technologies every day allows us to constantly innovate with things that once was just an imagination of the modern world. Every second we are racing with newer technologies to provide more interesting methods to get us better lives.

Just as a technology called beacons, which perhaps 10-20 years ago was never occur to us. Beacons are now becoming tools in human life, and are used in many areas, such as trade which became the backbone of the economy.

We realize that today people hardly ever leave the mobile phone off from their grasp. Mobile phone with internet technology to provide all information required has become an important item in our daily lives. This is why beacons can play a major role in retail marketing, since they are providing a link between retailers and consumers, where all the information about the merchandise and bargains can be pull straight up in the hands of consumers in real time and in an efficient way.

So what is this thing called beacons? It is a small digital hardware that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to interact with applications on mobile devices. They can transmit messages to a customer’s smartphone or tablet. It broadcasts small packets of data through radio waves which interact with your smartphones within range. This beacons identify your location and send notifications such as promotional coupons and product information from the retailers to your hand right away.


Beacons: Small But Important

Retailers can keep track of the consumers and see what they are interested in. With the retailer’s mobile app in their smartphone, beacons can send specific offers based on the consumer’s unique shopping experience.

The good thing about this small device is it consumes very less power and has low implementation costs. Beacons can work on a single coin battery and lasts for a couple of years. You can determine the range based on your need, makes it easier to target the customers to the specific goods.

Retail marketing is definitely seeing a bright new horizon with beacons. Retailers can set up the range, the promotional materials, and the specific goods for the targeted consumers. Retail becomes more convenience and effective. This kind of smart retail is happening right now, and seeing the competition in retail industry, beacons can really be useful as the marketing weapon to conquer the world.

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