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Ratri AdityaraniJuly 21, 2016

As we speak now, the world is in the hype of Pokémon Go game. The mobile game that was released few weeks ago in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. In some countries may not officially released, but works anyway in Indonesia. This is the hottest mobile game that has 15 million downloads on Apple’s App Store and Google Play in just a few days.


So what’s so amazing about this app? John Hanke, the man who created this phenomenal game from Niantic Labs is also the man behind Google Maps and Google Street View. These two elements became the main data for this game. The previous GPS-based game he created was Ingress in 2012. And thus gave the same location data for Pokémon Go.

As we can see, the interesting point is how Niantic use real map to create the user-generated meeting points. And the most popular points became the Pokéstops and gyms in Pokémon Go. The added value is the AR (Augmented reality) technology which makes the game more attractive. Although players can choose to turn off the AR camera to save more battery – but it definitely a plus point. Players can also purchase Lure and Incense. These are the stuffs to get more Pokémon with their in-app purchase.

Why Pokemon Go Makes A Big Hit

So Pokémon Go is basically a great combination of our well-known technology, detailed concept, and smart strategies. It blends the online game and offline activity. These combo can also be applied for business, such as e-commerce, retail industries, or even health care.

With the latest technology that we have right now – and even more in the future, there will always a chance to make even greater app than Pokémon Go. Not only AR and geo-positions, with the latest trend of Virtual Reality (VR), social media, and event IoT application, it would be convenience to build the app that suits your needs. All we need to do is gather up the resources and pick a great team to build the concepts and strategies. And thus, making a huge success like Pokémon Go is never impossible.

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