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Muhammad Widy RamadhaniSeptember 11, 2017

Cyber Security Workshop by WGS & Wise Pacific Venture

Few months ago, there is a big cyber security outbreak in the world which is WannaCry; around 300.000 computers from 150 countries are infected only in a single day. With their patient data locked, hospitals couldn’t operate on their patient, companies couldn’t do their trading until the ransom are paid. Another example, A US consumer credit company was hacked, compromised personal info of 143 million consumer. It cost so much damage to the company, such as revealed data of Social Security numbers, license data, and credit card information.

This cyber threats can usually lead to company’s financial fallout with a long term impact, such as the company stock to fall from company’s reputation damage. Solving attack problem itself are not-so-cheap from system upgrade, call center, and court settlements.

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To discuss solution and prevention from another attack like WannaCry, on 5 September 2017, WGS partnered with Wise Pacific Venture held a free workshop for business and government end user for keeping the data safe. The workshop consists of series of presentation on technologies and trainings that can address threats as previously mentioned. Topic in the presentation are about:

  • Cyber security incident handling
  • New generation of SIEM (Security Information & Even Management) for Big Data
  • User activity monitoring,
  • Disaster recovery

Cyber Security Incident Handling
An introduction of hacker and viruses with information about identification, prevention, security hygiene, tools & how to catch invisible virus manually.

New generation of SIEM (Security Information & Even Management) for Big Data
Continued on with topic on Big Data protections; as data always grow and never decrease it is getting increasingly difficult and risky to protect. With more devices used there is more data logs created. In that case, a good SIEM for Big Data could help, so there were no things such loss of control & visibility of data.

Privileged user activity monitoring

The third topic is on monitoring solution that monitors how users use the rights they’ve been granted to prevent undesirable activity by users. It also helps the company ensure compliance with data security standards.

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Disaster Recovery : Recovering Server in minutes not in hours

Losing your data caused by power failure, network failure, natural disaster and more could cause so much damage to your operational activity. To prevent business disruption, disaster recovery is a solution, however while in General, recovering server will take 10 – 24 hour, a new solution can speed up this process to be done in minutes.


From this workshop, we hope participant will gain more industrial practice knowledge to counter and prevent Cyber Threat and keeping data safe from cyber criminals/ hackers. Look forward to the invitation to our next event.



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