Artificial IntelligenceWGS Participation on IBM Digital Transformation Summit 2020

Astri NoviaFebruary 19, 2020

The IBM Digital Transformation Summit is one of the largest IBM conferences in cities around the world that supports enterprises’ business transformation with an innovative growth strategy.

WGS had an opportunity to participate in this annual event in Jakarta on the 18th of February and demonstrating our latest application namely Market Trendspotting using Watson AI. This application aims to provide exact accurate information about the marketplace and target market, so you can grow and develop a better business in the future.

Adapting with the rapid movement of businesses today, we develop a web-based application that is used by a world leader company in the global food industry headquartered in Ireland. Basically, this solution is an evaluation tool that provides insights into the market trends and how the market reacts to the product (do they love it or hate it).

This application is good for the company to make business decisions that would keep you ahead of your business rivals in the competition. Our client uses the Market Trendspotting application which powered with IBM AI as a new business strategy where companies could benefit from a detailed insight to understand customer’s pain points and preferences by getting:

  • the latest update of the current market trends
  • buying pattern of customers
  • economic shifts
  • and also demographics.

So, outlining the short explanation above it is important to collect data and conducting market research to identify consumer demand and explore opportunities for business growth.

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