Customers these days prefer to share data concerning themselves in each interaction with a business. They like to share their interests, preferences, needs, wants, and even their details. This can be a standard state of affairs in the digital world. The trend is useful for an organization because they can collect and analyze customer knowledge easier and notice the best way to get a long relationship with customers.

Have you heard about Customer Intelligence (CI)? Well, in business, this is a collection of customer data analysis to assist the company to grasp its customers higher, because customer and loyalty are inseparable. A company needs to find the best ways to maintain customers’ comfort, feeling appreciated and valued. The customers, in return, will generate fine brand perception, word-of-mouth promotion, and long loyalty.

Therefore, customer relations is an important thing to maintain in business competition. So, mastering customer intelligence is necessary to enable the company to build a good marketing strategy and compete successfully in the business.



So, how to build a Customer Intelligence System? There is some time where a company has a limited time to implement research to understand their customer better, and Customer Intelligence (CI) is a good solution for a business. The CI covers mechanism, regular evaluation, customer insights and activities, and/or a certain period of evaluation to find customers’ needs and satisfaction level. This way, everything will be appropriately put in place.

Below, some steps to follow for a company to develop a good Customer Intelligence System:

1.     Collecting Data

This step is important because a company can’t develop a system without detail information from customers. Try to ask some key questions and record the answers so you will have a database. For example, you can ask about customers’ experiences during their time in the store or build a system to gather a better understanding of public interest through Big Data, data crawling, and more.

2.     Analyzing data

After gathering information, you can analyze it with an appropriate method to get the data you need. This process can help you to create better products, improving services and boosting sales. Related to the data analysis, we have a case study where we provided a good system for a client to empower sales representatives in managing marketing tasks easier. We at WGS can help you run into an automated way to create, approve, keep track, and follow up sales based on actual performance. With a system, we can track and digitalize every sales information, according to your requirement, be it an automated software or even a specialized AI (Google Tensorflow, IBM Watson Studio, and more). So, analyzing customer behaviour or forecasting sales trends can give suggestions on decision making for something that might happen in the future.

3.     Understanding customers’ preferences

You have to understand deeper into customer’s preferences, needs, and attitudes. This understanding motivates the company to drive some actions to improve its relationship with customers. However, the activity needs intensive conduct to know the customers’ needs. You can start the research on a quarterly or monthly basis.

Customers today are not only demanding, but they also expect some good experiences with innovation. As for another example, WGS has a good experience helping a client, the largest telecommunication company in Indonesia, developed a super app. It is an entertainment hub application developed using the Agile method and Go programming language. With this system, the company can acquire the right customers, listen to the customers’ engagement, and deliver some relevant messages to build loyalty with a special system.

4.     Evaluation

It’s important to measure the customer satisfaction level on an annual basis. An organization needs to obtain thoughtful responses from every customer to bond their loyalty to a brand. This evaluation will show you how the business is going, is it on the way up, maintaining near at the top, or even on the way down? The system will display all the indicators mentioned above.

Conclusion: Some factors to get a successful customer bond are product innovation and satisfied customers. They bring repeated business and referrals. An effective Customer Intelligence system is one of the efforts to repeated business and referrals. The system can also provide complete information for the company to grow, innovate, and excel in the market. If you want to improve the standard of your operations you can contact WGS team today and meet the above-mentioned goal

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